O Seantelle White 

Founder of Young Filming & Black and prolific filmmaker with a remarkable ability to convey the human condition in her projects. 

Writers Guild Foundation's Veteran Writers Project Fellow 2022-2023

As a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta I interned with Black Women In Radio - an organization responsible for archiving the contributions of African American Women in Radio at the Library of Congress and...Legion M, a fan based production company that includes it's investors and followers in the development process through innovative technology like MPulse and Film Scout (featured at prominent Festivals like Sundance, SXSW, The Austin FiIm Festival and a Comic Con near you)

Super Sean Saves Herself  Wins Best Screenplay Jxn Film Festival 2022!

If you can elicit emotions like sadness, anger and frustration; you also have the potential to induce compassion, empathy and understanding. Visual storytelling is the most effective way to generate a proverbial walk in the shoes of another [and] the power to inspire and present a call to action. 
            ~ O. Seantelle White