O Seantelle White

O. Seantelle White, shatters tropes with her visionary narratives. While earning a BFA in Production she cut her teeth interning at Black Women In Radio, preserving the indelible contributions of African American women; and Legion M, the fan-powered production juggernaut.

Her brainchild, “Young Filming and Black,” a socially conscious production company - defies the ordinary. Noteworthy gems in her filmography include the gripping “I’m Different” (a Best Student Film nominee), the pulse-pounding “The Lie of You” (a tantalizing proof-of-concept), and the award-winning “Super Sean Saves Herself” (JXN Film Fest’s Best Screenplay). She is currently seeking opportunities to direct while pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting at Regent University. 

Founder of Young Filming & Black - Prolific filmmaker with a remarkable ability to convey the human condition in her projects.